We use slow release fertiliser to suit the seasons and weather conditions.  Our fertilisers last for up to 12 weeks to provide steady growth, a healthier plant and thicker sward. Our Spring fertiliser works in cooler temperatures and gets your lawn off to a good start for the year ahead. Summer treatments improve the health and appearance of the grass during the warmer months, whilst our Autumn treatment prepares the grass for the approaching winter weather. It also builds up disease resistance and helps to control moss.


Our specialist treatment kills weeds and we recommend spraying up to four times a year. Our reason for recommending this is to put a stop to any new weeds that in time will start coming through. 



A process of a mechanical raking of the lawn; The main aim is to remove moss and thatch from the lawn. It also has other benefits. The machines used by Lawn Green Technicians have a series of hard metal blades that rotate at very high speeds. The blades are lowered onto the lawn to cut out the moss and thatch and any other debris present. The depth can be adjusted to remove as much or as little unwanted material as required. Our scarification process will thin & remove the excess thatch and moss that has built up within a lawn over long periods of time.


Hollow tine aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of soil from the lawn to improve aeration and drainage.The compaction is reduced allowing the roots to spread and enable them to receive the necessary nutrients needed. It is by far the best way of reducing thatch and compaction.


- Better water uptake

- Improved fertiliser uptake.

- Reduced water run of or saturation.

- Stronger roots system. 

- Less compaction.

- Better tolerance to drought & stress.

- Better breakdown of thatch.​


We also offer a grass cutting service to our clients who want to keep there lawn looking tidy this summer.