1st treatment - Spring  

We use a granular fertiliser to suit the cooler temperatures giving your lawn a dark green colour and stronger start to the year. We also use a liquid Herbicide to target weeds such as daisy, thistles, dandelion, docks, buttercups, ragwort, plantains, cleavers, common, chickweed, knotgrass,
mayweeds, mouse ear, trefoils & white clover. This gives your lawn a good start for the mowing season. There may also be signs of moss caused by the wet cold winter weather, it is best treated so that it doesn't take over your lawn. If this is allowed to happen the moss will thicken, and not let water get to the root system where it will be badly needed. This is also the best time of year to Scarify, or hollow tine aerate.

2nd treatment - Early Summer


Through the busy growing season our treatment changes to a slower release fertiliser which will feed your lawn and last up to 12 weeks. The granules penetrate to the root zone quickly. The benefits of the summer treatment are improved lawn density, a more vibrant colour and a strong resilient sward. At this stage we undertake further weed identification and treatment if required. The lawn at this time of year will probably be taking heavy traffic such as children and heavy mowing, so great care is needed with treatment at this time of year. 

3rd treatment - Late Summer

The treatment used at this time of year will help harden turf after the stress of the dry summer months. It also encourages the roots to develop and help harden off soft growth. Low Nitrogen content will not encourage diseases such as Fusarium Patch. There is also an added element to help to combat the growth of Moss which thrives  through the wet winter months. If this is allowed to develop it will make it harder for your lawn the following season. It will also retain moisture and aide in water logging. Scarification is done at this time of year or Spring time. This is the perfect time of year to aerate your lawn. Ask our technician for advice.

At this time of year the growth slows down so there is no need to fertilise it. At this time of year we need Iron to promoting a greener colour, strengthen the grass and also for aiding recovery after any mechanical work.

Iron can help to dry out moss by scorching it so it can't absorb moisture. The process breaks down the plant structure which enables moss to be removed from the lawn and allows the sward to develop in the spring.

4th treatment - Autumn Winter